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What is student enrollment marketing and why does it matter? Student enrollment marketing is a collective strategy employed by institutions to attract and engage prospective students, and in today’s fast-paced, global academic environment university marketing strategies have a direct impact on not only enrollment, but recognition and retention. The prospective college students of the twenty-first century are different from earlier generations. They’re highly mobile. They are informed and connected, and they are more aware of (but less susceptible to) traditional marketing strategies. And, now more than ever, potential students expect a personalized, high-value experience. The demands of this new generation of students, both domestic and international, presents university marketing and enrollment departments with diverse challenges as well as exciting opportunities to connect with and explore new prospects.

Keystone Academic Solutions está en la primera línea del marketing de inscripción de estudiantes del siglo veintiuno. En Keystone entendemos que el moderno marketing de inscripción va más allá de la captación. Nuestras soluciones de marketing responden a todas las necesidades de las universidades, desde el proceso de identificación hasta la inscripción y la retención, y el primer paso para la retención es construir una relación sólida mediante consultas calificadas.

With more than ten years in the industry, Keystone Academic Solutions has the insight and experience to help you create and nurture a productive relationship with students. Our marketing solutions invite students to communicate directly with admissions offices, while delivering quality information that helps students engage with your school from the start. We work with you to develop a marketing strategy that will optimize the visibility of your brand and target ideal candidates.

Of course, a positive engagement experience with qualified enquiries helps to establish a long-term relationship, but a successful marketing plan also depends on positive conversion rates. Keystone Academic Solution has the highest conversion rates in the industry, and our marketing solutions offer a variety of tools to maximize the potential of your outreach and our strategies concentrate on engaging with students at the earliest stages. We offer integrated analytics that give you the opportunity to identify successful campaigns. Keystone simplifies the marketing process and collects all the information in one easy-access system, allowing your admissions officers to respond quickly and efficiently to qualified students. Keystone’s enrollment marketing optimizes recruitment through design not chance, ensuring the maximum number of qualified enquiries reach the enrollment stage.

Empresas de marketing para la educación superior

El equipo global de Keystone está formado por especialistas en marketing para estudiantes internacionales con más de una década de experiencia.

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Marketing por correo electrónico para la educación superior

Las estrategias digitales se han impuesto como norma en el marketing para la enseñanza superior. 

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Marketing digital para la educación superior

El marketing digital ha arrasado en todo el mundo, y el sector de la enseñanza superior no es ninguna excepción. 

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