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What Social Causes Are Your Strengths?

Many colleges and universities talk about making the world a better place, but how? Given today’s social, environmental, financial, and political global challenges, prospective..

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How To Win Students' Attention During Their Gap Year

For many high school students today, it is common to take a "gap year" prior to commencing higher education. While the gap year is a time for discovery and new experiences, it is..

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Why Virtual Campus Tours Work - Part 2

In our recent blog, we highlighted the benefits of the virtual campus tour, and now we'll explain ways to create them successfully. By understanding the latest technology,..

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Why Virtual Campus Tours Work - Part 1

As college campuses open their doors after a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, virtual tours are more vital than ever. How can schools stay up to date with the latest trends? While..

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Why Student Associations Are An Essential Part of The University Experience

An essential part of a university student’s experience is a sense of belonging. Student affairs researcher Alexander W. Astin said that students who become more involved in..

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How to use LinkedIn for higher education

When it comes to professional networking in the digital world, LinkedIn is the place to be. From its humble launch in May 2003 to today, the planet’s largest professional network..

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