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"It's important for us to be on Keystone's that students can find our programs"

-Odile Soulard

International Development and Communication Coordinator

IGR-IAE Rennes

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We work with over 5,500 institutions around the world. Learn how our partners have increased their visibility and enrollment with Keystone.


"Over 30 leads per month… that has led to conversion rates where people are matriculating here. So it’s definitely worth the investment."

-Robynn Allveri, Assistant Director, Graduate and International Programs


“Our recent experience with Keystone’s virtual fairs has been terrific. Saint Martin’s University was out beating research one universities.” 

-Dr. Roger Douglas, Dean of International Programs and Development


“Instead of running a digital ad, this is more inbound… That is a much more qualified and well educated lead to me.”

-Candice Szu Yu Chen, Assistant Director of Masters Marketing and Communications


“In just over two years of using Keystone we’ve received over 3,200 leads from all over the world.”

-Thomas Kleinert, Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment 


"We had over 37,000 clicks, converted into over 1,100 leads... which is pretty impressive."

-Candice Szu Yu Chen, Assistant Director of Masters Marketing and Communications

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"They generated over a million impressions, which was over 5,000 leads. "

-Bridgett Sandusky, Assistant Dean of Graduate Law Programs

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"They are, by far, our largest third-party inquiry lead generator... We get thousands of leads from them each year."

-Roch Whitman, Director of Recruitment and Marketing

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"I was actually pretty amazed and very happy to see how well it (Recruit) worked."

-Bridgett Sandusky, Assistant Dean of Graduate Law Programs

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"Our impressions have gone up by around 76%, which is a great example of their ability to deliver results"

-Alastair Dacey, Marketing Officer

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"Eight percent of all the enrolled students learned about our offer thanks to Keystone."

-Erica Ribechini, International Cooperation Unit


"In 2020 we got 45 enrollments only with Keystone’s platforms … this is double the amount compared to other platforms that we work with."

-Markel Lezana Escribano, International Department

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"As for contacts (leads) they really have been boosted by our partnership with Keystone."

-Odile Soulard, International Development and Communication Coordinator

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"This year, our applications increased by 100... and the completed applications by 60%."

-Emily Liu, Director of International Student Recruitment


"We have seen increased interest in our Geneva and Montreal campuses. We have received 55% more leads. "

-Diana Pinto, Media Manager

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